Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Cold and Flu Season

I am fighting off a cold. Have been all week.

May not run at all tomorrow, would hate to give anyone anything or get them sick...



Kind of hard to tell the difference...

I always pride myself on how healthy I am, but that mostly arrogance, vanity, and bullshit. I mean honestly, who really has any control over whether or not they get the fucking plague? Oops, Deadwood creeping in again.

Had weak lungs as a kid, the whole asthma thing. Grew out of it and it came back as a rusty old wheeze when my mileage got up there with endurance running.

Bailed out of two runs this week when I thought my lungs might still be fried from Saturday's mile repeats.

Now I just ache all over. But don't want to start hacking up bits of lung tissue.

Yeah, you're right, it is a little gross.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try Cold Atak, yes it's not spelled correctly, but it works! that, and chicken soup, trust the Jewish mommas, they know. Take care,

7:27:00 PM  

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