Monday, July 30, 2007

Mileage Monsters

I was mentioning to a friend the other day about the long runs that I had been doing lately with my running buddy, Patrick and had to smile when he called us a couple of "mileage monsters". That and "crazy".

In preparation for the Stormy 50 Mile (80 K) Ultramarathon Trail Race, Pat and I had reeled off runs of 45, 35, 40, 45, 50, 42 and 35 kilometres... and that was in addition to my averaging 20-26 K on most Fridays. Plus the usual tempo runs and speedwork.

Yesterday, Pat and I caught a break with the weather. It was cloudy and overcast rather than the hot, clear blue skies we had had for most of the week. Even then, it was almost seventy degrees and very humid. We both were still recovering from the trip up to Haida Gwaii and the Skidegate Totem to Totem Marathon. We finished the 35 K in three hours and fifty minutes. It was comfortable pace.

My weight is down to 187 this morning and I should be at 185 by the time of Stormy. That should be a comfortable weight to run at.

This weekend I will limit myself to 20K on Friday and another 20K on Sunday. Then a week of easy living and maybe a little more emphasis on carbs in my diet.

The nice thing about the Ultras is that you can go at a steady enough pace to eat comfortably along the way. Hopefully it won't be too hot, although I have done two Stormy's where the temp was well into the 80's.

Looking forward to those soft-boiled potatoes!


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