Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hills, Max VO2 and Predictions...

Last night the Marathon Clinic finished the Hill Training segment - all ten hills. Because of running Stormy (50 miles) this summer, I had been doing hill work that featured repeats of a 1.2 mile long hill rather than 600 metres (and only six times, not ten!). Last night I did the ten hills and was happy with how I felt, especially given my 45 minute 10K on Saturday, 20.5 miles on Sunday and 5K Max VO2 workout on Tuesday (18:32). My Max VO2 index was 70 at 187 pounds and I figure to drop a little more weight in the next month.

I went to the Marathon Guide Race Predictor, and the 45:28 on Saturday, on a very hilly 10K course mind you, predicts a marathon time of 3:31:08. Since that race was only two weeks after Stormy and I went out a little easy in the beginning to gauge my recovery I am feeling pretty positive.

I must say I am really beginning to look forward to running the Portland Marathon on October 7. I feel good, if still a little leg weary, but I find my current level of conditioning encouraging. Another three weeks of speed training and I should be - all things being equal on race day - in pretty good shape to re-qualify for the Boston Marathon.

After the hill training almost all of the clinic went out to the Comox Grill Pub for a pizza or some pasta and a few beers to wash down same. Wednesday nights features the live music of one Taylor James, and a good time was had by all.

Should be quite the road trip to Oregon in five weeks!


Anonymous Patrick said...

with an 18:32 5k? Either you were slacking on Saturday or there's a typo - based on that you should be running a 3:00:16 marathon.

5K 0:18:32
5M 0:30:35
10K 0:38:48
10M 1:04:04
Half Marathon 1:26:04
Marathon 3:00:16

5:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Frenchie Lamourfou said...

Look forward to sinking a few in Comox Grill Pub

1:27:00 PM  

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