Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oh, My Aching Body

I flew up to Smithers in Northern BC over the long weekend to spend time with friends and to celebrate a birthday and to touch base with my roots.

I had planned to run a couple of 20K's, nice and easy as I taper for the Stormy Trail Race 80 K (50 miles) Ultramarathon, but the runs turned into a trail run for ninety minutes on Friday and then, on Sunday, the day after Justin's 30th Birthday (what a puppy!) an epic assault on the summit Hudson's Bay Mountain. The hike was about 10 K and scrambling over the rough rock and scree slopes, took about five hours. Or roughly four hours up with lots of breaks for photos and an hour down! The view from the top was well worth the effort. And Justin and I got to write our names in the logbook at the top.

Good news is I had a fabulous time. Bad news is I seemed to have tweaked a knee. Still a little stiff today from using my quads and calves in ways my body had not envisioned, so will have to take a wait and see approach as to whether or not it will have any effects on my plans to run Stormy this coming weekend.

I am just a day short of my 47th birthday, an event which I view with an increasingly jaundiced eye as the years progress. Came to me as a bit of a shock to realize that I spent the last weekend hanging out with a group of people mostly fifteen and twenty years younger than me. Have not yet decided whether this shows I am young at heart or in a long and protracted adolescence and refusing to grow up...

Thanks to the wonderful hospitality of Justin's family and my own weakness, I gained two pounds over the last five day... So I am tipping the scales at 189! Yikes!


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