Sunday, August 26, 2007

Run for the Ferry!

Thanks to Pat I dragged myself out of bed at 5:00 am on Saturday morning to take the Ferry to Bowen Island so I could take part in the Run for the Ferry 10K Race. Thanks to my neighbours upstairs and their raucous party, I did so on about three hours of sleep. The bass in their speakers was actualy making my bedsprings vibrate, which sort of negated the efficacy of wearing ear-plugs...

The Bowen Island Run for the Ferry 10K is a delightful set-piece of the Bowen Island Festival, BowFest, which is an Islands Trust version of a summer fair. Nay, the crown jewel of BowFest! Delightful. The parade is something not to be missed. This year's theme was "Treasure Island", and that had immense appeal to the pirate in me. The costumes and floats in the parade were just great. Made me want to live on Bowen Island. The cougar population in evidence on Saturday was truly spectacular.

I ran a semi-respectable 45:28 on a very hilly course, exactly two weeks after running the Stormy Ultra Trail Run Fifty Mile Race. I went out pretty easy and then - to paraphrase a good friend - in the second half it was time to drop the hammer. I picked up about a dozen runners who had passed me in the first few kilometers. I came in sixteenth out of about a hundred runners. Fastest guys were of course in my 40 - 49 age group. What is it with these competitive old men? Oh wait, I'm one of those competitive old men...

I bet Pat breakfast if he'd break forty minutes, and the little rat bastard ran it in 38 minutes and came in sixth over all and third in his age group. Quickest time was a geezer greyhound in 31 minutes. Impressive.

This Sunday morning Seymour was over in Victoria and I took out his 4:15 pace group. Had been a while since I had run with a group this large and actually played the role of pace group leader with a bunch of runners unfamiliar with my ever-loving Pace Nazi ways... Seymour of course has been spoiling them rotten, but once I had shown them the immense benefits of running while admiring my firm taut spandexed ass, they were a bunch of pussy cats. We did about 21 miles in three hours and fifty minutes with lots of water, walks and bathroom breaks. My average heart rate for the run was 118, or 59% of my maximum heart rate and my legs felt good.

Weight this morning was 187... It had better be 186 tomorrow, dammit!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vince I thought that the run on Sunday was probably our best so far in the clinic.

Thanks for setting such a great pace. I'm actually looking forward to the next long run!

11:11:00 AM  
Blogger zander said...

Nice run Man and good luck on your goal. I have a similar one; to run the 2008 Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Hurley, WI at sub-3:15.
In at

3:20:00 PM  

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