Thursday, August 16, 2007

Portland Here I Come

After months of dithering, I finally decided this week to run the Portland Marathon. I had originally planned to run the Okanagan Marathon again in Kelowna this Fall, but apparently much of the course has been torn up and is under heavy road construction. My PR of 3:29:39 is at Kelowna - October, 2005 - so I was a little disapointed by that news. I considered doing the Royal Victoria Marathon for the fifth time, but as lovely as the course is visually, I am not a huge fan of the course layout and the crowds.

I like the idea of doing Portland for a couple of reasons. I love doing a new course and a new marathon for the first time. My last two races on new courses resulted in a PR and two Boston Marathon qualifying times. Being as superstitious as I am, that seems to bode well for Portland.

On Tuesday I went out for a very, very easy 5 K ramble. On Wednesday and today, I did a couple of forty minute walk/runs - twice a day. In other words, I briskly wanted Cactus Jack and Panhandle Slim...

My weight has been dithering between 186 and 187. My legs feel good, I have been sleeping well, and my feet are much less sore and bruised. The ankles and left knee feel pretty good. I am still unsure of what distance I'm going to run this Sunday. Probably very easy, but at least a couple of hours.

Next week I will start easing back into speed work and hills. I think I can safely say after doing fifty miles at Stormy on Saturday that my mileage base is as good as its going to get....


Blogger Ovens2Betsy said...

I hear Portland is a fabulous race. I have toyed with trying to qualify for Boston some day, and that MAY be the race I try for. It's at a fabulous time of year, unlike Seattle which is at the end of November (the weekend after Thanksgiving). I ran the Seattle half last year and woke up to snow; not fun! But I'm sure you'll get terrific weather.

P.S. In 2 weeks my husband and I head to Paris, then we'll be heading to Bordeaux for the Marathon du Medoc. I'll be posting our race report on


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