Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Work Work Work and Boston Busted

Working and running and writing and running and life and running... Have to squeeze in Blogging in there somewhere!

This past weekend Pat and Rob and I churned out 45 K in five hours on a gloriously sunny if somewhat hot Sunday morning.

It was only Rob's second time out to 45 K and he still finds the distance strange, where as Pat and I have become a little blase about it. Running for five or six hours on a Sunday morning is simply what we do... Nothing special about it.

In fact, thinking back, I have probably been marathon distance or longer at least seventy or eighty times - although on about thirty-five of those occasions, I ended up with a bib number and a medal to show for my effort! If we lived on the East Coast, we'd probably have a lot more hardware, as you can find a marathon to run within driving distance nearly every weekend. And some people collect butterflies...

Afterwards, we skipped past our usual breakfast/brunch buffet and went straight to the burgers and fries. Greasy and delicious. My weight is hovering around 185 and I feel pretty quick.

I have been churning out 8k tempo runs in 35 minutes, so I'm feeling pretty strong.

Strangely, my feet have been feeling bruised and tender, and I haven' switched runners or anything so I will have to keep an eye on my poor tootsies.

I have been doing fartlek work on my mid week ten k run and feeling fast.

This is the point of the training for a marathon where I pretty much just want it to be over with. I get terrible nerves and butterflies from thinking about qualifying for Boston.

And Pat has been ragging on me that I need to change the title of my Blog - Boston or Bust of course - or at the very least the description of my Blog, as I have indeed qualified for and run the Boston Marathon twice already...

Maybe 'Boston Busted'...


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