Friday, March 04, 2005

Going to the Dogs

My legs, quads actually, are stiff from doing "surges" on Tuesday night's Tempo Run. Got a little carried away with Paul, and the three-quarter sprints turned into full on after-burners. Hit 196 on the last one. When will I ever learn!?! Did get a massive, "pump", in the legs though. Just like doing squats in the old days.

Took it easy on Wednesday night's Hill Training, because I was planning to do my MAX VO2 on Friday. Still too stiff to max out today, however. Have rescheduled for next Thursday afternoon. Will do my 20K (12.5 Miles) as per usual, and hope that getting up my core body temperature and moving some blood around will ease the stiffmess.

Here is a picture of my teaching assistant, Cactus Jack. Cactus will be four months old on the eleventh of March. Dragging Cactus to the Marathon Clinic on Tuesday nights seems to be the only way to get the runners to pay attention to me, "If you don't listen, I won't let you hold, Cactus Jack..." And then they all heed me!


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