Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oh, So Close!

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I was very pleased with our start, as the weather was clear and cold and the temperature was 36 degrees F and I felt it was important to ease into this race. I did not anticipate there being a headwind of up to 25 knots that came right into our faces between 10 and 20K, straight out of the North. And this was the same part of the course that was a long, slow gradual climb.

At the halfway mark we had almost crested the hill, but the damage was already done, I fear. We made up ground like gangbusters over the next 10K, but at 3:55 and with a little over three miles to go we had shot our bullet.

The thing I love about the Polar S625X is that it gives you such a great tool for breaking down a race afterwards. It is an amazing training tool in that respect in my opinion. To paraphrase a good friend, "the data never lies." And you don't have to relie on a faulty memory, the Polar just spits it out for you.


Blogger runninturnip said...

Congrats on qualifying for Boston!
What is a polar and what exactly does it tell you?

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