Monday, February 20, 2006

Under the Gun

Note: Official real-time order of finish (according to IAAF rules), NOT personal chip time, is used to score events in the Series. Exceptions are the Sun Run which does not utilize real-time order of finish, due to the sheer size of the event and the complication of having various wave starts; and Times Colonist 10k, also due to the size of the event (now over 10,000) and resulting large differences between gun time and chip time. Official order of finish line crossing ("gun time") is only used for the top 20 overall men and women in the Sun Run and TC10K. For everyone else, chip time order is used.

Yikes, Gun Time, Chip Time, any Time at all...

My warm-up strategy cost me at least two finishing places in my age category. 1:34:49 versus 1:34:07 - 26 vs. 28 Probably not such an important consideration for this one race (don't worry, I was not even within eye-sight of the podium) but maybe significant over the course of a long Road Race Series and God is in the details. And something to consider and tuck away for the future.

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents a Piss-Poor Performance.

Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic over the results of my Half Marathon. Positively over the moon. But it is interesting to note the details. My hat is off to the Pacific Road Runners. The First Half was well-organized, well-run and well-managed. A great course run on an unforgettable day.

Next time I'll take my race prepartions a little more seriously and see what advantages there are to starting as far forward as possible.


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