Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Life is a Fantasy...

After days of drinking copious quantities of wine a Paris, I welcomed a little geek time with my very good buddy Paul.

Paul, a straightforward Englishman if ever there was one - but granted with a spectacular sense of humour - works as an IT guy for a humungous French firm. He married a fabulously beautiful French girl after all... Rather than spend another night out drinking, Paul cooked a nice little meal and we settled in front of his MAC, while I beguiled him with stories of a site called Okay, Okay, we did have a couple of bottles of wine along the way...

I knew Paul wouldn' t be able to resist.

One look at the avatar I had created - Thor McDonnagh - and Paul, howling with laughter had no choice but to jump in and create a little Gallic weasle named Frenchie Lamourfou ;

Enough already about the names. saddles you with a last name and you have to pick a first.

So we logged on for a few hours, had a few howls, marveled at the very IDEA of living a fictious life online, wrote a little code and made complete asses of ourselves.

The best part of course was doing something so ridiculous while in Paris!!!

In the meantime, today dawned sunny and clear in Paris; I logged my obligatory time in the Louvre and tramped up and down the Champs Eylesses - spelling?

Til tomorrow, mon amis!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah Vince, glad to see you are updating from afar. I really want to hear about the Meudoc, and of course your French exeriences along the way... I've heard about the Meudoc and am terribly curious about how one can run a marathon while drinking wine (are you really planning to drink during the marathon? Did you train that way? Sounds fabulous but can it be done unless you are French?) Keep it up, us lurkers want to know...

11:21:00 PM  
Blogger Vince Hemingson said...

It has always been my contention that I do everything better after drinking wine...

Of course, that might be the wine talking.

In vino veritas.

In wine there is truth!

We shall soon see... :)

4:11:00 AM  

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