Thursday, September 13, 2007

Speed Demon

I love the transition to speed work. It satisfies the mesomorph in me. But it hurts. Especially during and afterwards... Could hardly manage to keep up with the group on the way back from the track.

I cranked out a 35:03 8K on Tuesday night, which I thought was pretty good after 28.5 miles (45 K) on Sunday. Puts me at about a 3:26:00 marathon - at least in theory according to I love their Training Calculators.

Last night I did eight 800 metre repeats after some accelerations. Most of the clinic had never done accelerations before, so it was interesting watching them let loose with a little speed.

Was happy with my pace and given my relative stiffness and soreness, reined myself in for 3:19, 3:20, 3:20, 3:21, 3:18, and 3:19. Then I ran off a 3:08 and a 2:59, on the last one sprinting all out for the last seventy or eighty metres.

On the last 800, my heart rate at the start was 115 and I crossed the Finish Line at 195. That's a heart rate I haven't seen in a couple of years!

The chickem burrito and black beans I had with Pat for dinner afterwards may have been the best post work-out meal ever!

Was in bed by 10:30 and barely made it that far on the clock. Slept like a log, though with the most vivid life-like dreams.

Walked the dawgs for almost an hour this morning to work out the kinks. I am once again aware I have quadriceps and groin muscles...

Thank God I am in recovery mode today!

Tipped the scales at 186. Time to get serious about the last few pounds!


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