Friday, October 12, 2007

Silver Linings

I had kind of written off portland in my marathon musings, but was utterly delighted to find out today that two of my running buddies managed to actually WIN their Clydesdale and Bonnydale divisions. Kevin, with a 3:20:10 at 192 pounds, won the Clydesdale category outright.

Me, I sauntered in over the finish line in seventh spot in my weight division, and the next three in front of me were within minutes of my time. A pleasant surprise and a nice little silver lining to an otherwise disappointing day.

I probably got a little carried away this summer with the Stormy Ultra Trail Run 80K Race in August.

Now I have to think long and hard about how quickly I can recover to do another hard marathon. December may be pushing it for an old coot like me!

But I am so happy for Kevin - a Boston Qualifier AND King of the Clydesdales! And Simone is one sweet Bonnydale.

Always wonderful to see your friends succeed. Lots of other friends had new Personal Bests, and it was the general concensus that the trip itself to portland was simply wonderful.

Great people and good times.

And isn't that what this lifestyle marathoning is really supposed to be all about?

On another note - I finally switched over to the world of Apples and iMacs and i-everythings and Stve Jobs is a God, or something like that.

Love downloading music and organizing my writing and my photography - but man! This is going to take me a year to learn how to get it right!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great running wek and a fabulous marathon Autumn!


Blogger L. Jaye Hopkins said...

Hi Vince!!! I found your blog by typing "Boston Marathon Tattoo" into goggle. Lo and behold, we've both been running "try to Q for Boston blogs" that led up to the Portland marathon. (Small world!) I'm sorry you'd didn't have a perfect race this time around, but I wish you all the best in your next 26.2, and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself nonetheless. BEST WISHES!!!!

9:37:00 PM  
Blogger Ovens2Betsy said...

Okay Vince -- 3 weeks without posting. What the HELL is going on?

(I certainly hope all is well)

6:13:00 PM  

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