Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What's So Great About the Boston Marathon, Anyways?

Ahhh, you know I'm full of shit.

The Boston Marathon is the greatest race, let alone marathon, in the world.

After going for the last two years in a row, it's just a little hard for me to accept that I can't actually run the race in 2008.

The best marathon I ever ran - out of 23 - was in Boston.

2007 has been an interesting year.

I haven't Blogged as often in the past twelve months for a variety of reasons.

On November 5, 2006 my father had a heart attack. He has been in and out of the hospital four or is it five times?, since then. He had a pacemaker installed. While he was in the hospital I was his primary care-giver. I think he racked up a total of ten or eleven weeks in all in the hospital. And when he was released he needed a lot of help.

I don't resent the role, but it takes a tremendous amount of time and in a strange way it does eat away at your core strength. Not sure what I mean by that, but then, you've never met my father... Not an easy man. Wonder where I get that.

2007 has been a tough racing year for me. I don't think I had a real shot at the title the whole year. My marathons in both Boston this Spring - the weather conditions and my getting ill during training - and in Portland - my asthma attack - meant that I don't feel that I had an opportunity to do my best.

But that in and of itself is part of both marathoning and life. You don't always have things go your way. So you do the best you can.

In the past month I have tried to do other things than Blog and think about marathons.

You should read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.

You should see the documentary film about Edward Espe Brown called, "How to Cook Your Life".

You should try to be a little more Zen. I have hard time accepting that all life is suffering.

Having suffered only a little, I am grateful for the joy nad moments of bliss that the universe has offered up to me.

I am lucky to have so many friends and people I care about in my life. And love. That makes me happy when I am smart enough to remember that.

You should bake a loaf of bread, it will be good for your heart and soul. It tastes great! And smells even better.

If you love the Beatles, you MUST see "Across the Universe". It's a great film. Even if you don't like the Beatles, you will after this film.

I bought a new iMac 24 after suffering through two decades of PC crash and burns and the dreaded "blue screen" of death. Torture and a nightmare for a writer.

Learning a new operating system at my age and peak of crankiness has reduced me to tears. I am not speaking metaphorically.

I am down-loading my entire collection of CD's. It will take weeks.

As of this exact moment, I have down-loaded 4642 songs and have 12 days of music to listen to. I am not even a quarter of the way through.

Boy do I collect a lot of shit... Maybe that is as metaphorical as literal.

I have THREE freaking copies of Fleetwood Mack's Rumours album. How did that happen. Already I have found half a dozen "doubles" or repeats with my early onset memory loss and friends gifting you music when you already own.

Buy the Buddha Bar two CD set. It's great. It will make you feel younger and a little more hip. Even though of course you aren't.

CD jewel cases are crap. They are built like crap and they fall apart with feather like ease. They are more delicate than glass orchids.

Where do missing CD's go? I have a couple of dozen empty jewel cases. Albums with no music inside. Did they disappear? Have they joined up with the odd socks of the universe?

I say this, sharing with you the knowledge that I never take the CD's out of my house. I have never owned a vehicle of any description with a CD player in it.

When I rent a car, I usually have to buya CD at a gas station to keep from going nuts. I hate tuning a strange car radio. I know I am weird about stuff like this

Throw a party.

I threw a Costume Party for Hallowe'en. Then I threw two unexpected parties out of the blue, a last minute birthday party for one of my best friends and a going away to Europ party for another best friends.

In October I drank too much wine and ate too much cheese. But it all evens out, because I didn't have enough of either in August and September.

I have gained ten pounds since October 7.

My asthma has been bothering me and affecting my running and I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe my racing days are over.

You should take a cooking class.

Read the Omnivore's dilemna.

I was asked to Host a program on one of the big cable networks and took a week out of October to make an audition tape (of course it's a DVD these days).

The process made me thankful for my many friends and made me realize how much I enjoy doing that work, even though I am terrified of being on camera and then you get excited about sharing ideas with people and it doesn't really matter because you forget all about it.

It's good to have something in your life that you can be passionate about. I guess that's why all my friends laugh at me when I tell them I am actually very shy. But words and doing things and talking about things that excite you can make all that go away.

But then, you are still shy afterwards. It's an interesting dilemna for someone like me.

I ran 26 kilometres on Sunday in three hours.

It felt good.

Life is not that bad.

I still wish I had qualified for the Boston Marathon next year.


Blogger gearsurfer said...

Vince, my very best friend, the party at your place made me realze that there will always be a place like home wherever my friend Vince lives... Lausann is great. But I still miss my friends, Vancouver, the NAAM, of course my girlfriend Rachel, 5th ave cinema, people who understand anything else but FRENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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