Saturday, January 03, 2009

Fat and Happy

I am never going to be described as "lean" or "svelte" or even remotely built like your average and/or  typical endurance athlete.  

I am perfectly happy with that.  I'm even kind of, sort of, fat and happy.

From a big picture point of view - lifestyle-wise - I'd like to healthy as I can be while being as happy as I can be living the lifestyle.

From a personality stand-point this can be a challenge for me, because I rarely do anything in moderation.  I have large appetites and I like to be sated.  Therein lays the path to overindulgence.

The flip side of this is that I like to set the bar for myself fairly high when it comes to goal setting.  I like an objective I have to stretch to reach and I don't mind the risk of falling off the ladder in the attempt.  As long as no one gets maimed or killed I always say, especially me.

In my previous Post I was referring to Oprah, and while the thrust of the article was about struggling with keeping resolutions and maintaining weight-loss, an equally important part of the article - maybe the most important part - was Oprah's desire to find a healthy weight she could maintain and for her reach a new level of acceptance about her physical appearance.

Liking yourself and accepting who you are are goals every bit as important as being fit and healthy.

I accept that...


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