Monday, January 05, 2009

The New Year

Side View - 216.5

Front View - 216.5

The numbers at the weigh-in, 216.5.

Running Conditions in Vancouver on January 4, 2009.

Much of Vancouver seems to be in danger of getting cabin-fever.  And I totally understand how they feel.  My dogs REALLY know how they feel.

It's tough to get around, and many people don't even own proper snow shoes, let alone snow tires.

Bit aside from the endless shrieking of tires spinning fruitlessly on ice, it is beautiful to behold.  But here on the West - also know as Wet - Coast, we prefer a myriad shades of emerald and green to the monotony that comes with a palette of white.  Lord knows that both sets of Winter conditions bring their share of gray clouds and bleak skies.

But I am oddly optimistic these days.  I think in good part to getting outside and to moving around.

And I weighed myself in after my Boxing Day shock to see myself at 227 pounds, and subsequent vow to try to right my sinking, er, bloating ship.

This morning, nine days later, and after much slipping and sliding, both real and metaphorical, I weighed in at 216.5.

Losing 10.5 pounds in nine days always sounds a little better than the actual reality of the feat.  Weight loss is always easiest in the early stages.  But I do feel better.  And someone actually asked me yesterday if I'd lost weight.  Although, that has happened even after I've just gained 10 pounds.  So, it made me feel great, but also made me suspect that I may have evolved into one of those people who, instead of saying hello when you greet them, you ask, have you lost some weight?, knowing full well that it will cheer them up enough to have a drink with you.

Which I am still doing, but at least still in moderation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You still got game Vince

12:27:00 PM  
Blogger gearsurfer said...

Vince! 10lbs in 9 days is awesome! Keep going and once you hit the 180again (I hope I will meet 180 again soon again) I'll come out to Vancouver to the Dog House and we'll take another shot for 2009! What do you think? :-) Best wishes and happy snowshoening on Broadway...

Hey, is this for real? Blogger's 'word verification' asks me to punch in 'pnesi'. Blogger geeks, I'd say that was damn close!

1:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

plain and simple- you're just delicious looking. makes me wish i knew you.

12:08:00 AM  

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