Saturday, March 05, 2005

Aches and Pains

With slightly wooden legs I did just over 20K (12.5 miles). I went out very slowly, cranked up my core temperature and kind of divided the run in half. To be accurate, I divided it into four parts, an extra long warm-up, at least 2.5K, an easy jog to find my rhythm and thoroughly warm and loosen up my legs, a pretty fast 10K - 46 minutes - after about 45 minutes and then a very long, slow cool-down. I kept my heart rate under 160 as I plan to do 40K (25 miles) on Sunday.

I am very surprised at the amount of stiffness I experienced after Tuesday night. The speed surges and bounding clearly really stressed different muscles than I have been using and the amount of recovery time has somewhat surprised me. Has definitely made me more cautious about throwing myself into new training techniques and I will certainly try to ease into new routines as I train.

Have rescheduled my MAX VO2 Test for next Thursday. Will keep you abreast of the results.

I have also heard from Polar that a S625X is wending it's merry way through the mail in my direction. Very exciting news. I'll now be able to crunch data for hours!

And Cactus Jack graduated from Puppy Class today. Good Boy, Cactus! (Sadly, this is what passes for my social life, obedience classes with a three pound dog...)


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