Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Maxed Out

I have had enough testing to last me a month of Sunday runs. Nothing to do now but do something about the results.

After the MAX VO2 and what I affectionately call the "MAX Fat" or the Hydrosatatic Body Fat Test, I decided it was time to dig in.

I went out and did 24K (13.5 miles) on Saturday morning before the sun was even over the horizon. Once again I did the long long slow warm up and then I cranked out a 44 minute 10K followed by a long long slow down. Did not let my heart rate get above 164 and averaged around 160.

Sunday I did 28 miles (46.5K) over five hours, very slow. Heart rate was 131-136 for the first 30K (20 miles) and then I switched from 10 and 1s, to 5and 1s, to 4 and 1s, and finally, ended with 3 and 1s. Michael, Sean and Dan, went up to 40K (25 miles)and after a previous discussion, saved the marathon distance for their first marathon. Laura and I went the last few miles on our own. My heart rate was 124-126. On the last mile my heart rate dropped to 116-118 at an 11:00 minute per mile pace. Jeff Galloway would have been very proud I'm sure, !

Monday was an easy rest day. Meandered around a bit. Legs felt a little restless, almost itchy in a strange way.

Tuesday, I felt the need for speed. Plus, a few people have been questioning whether all my long distance endurance training meant that I was sacrificing speed. Went out on our 6K route that is actually 6.18K. The course is an out and back. Did the first half in 14 minutes at 162-164, turned around and came home in 13 minutes at 171 and blew the dirt off my spark plugs with a last half K at a steady, fairly comfortable 181. Pretty confident 185 is NOT my maximum heart rate, kids!

I am seeing a nutritionist later this week. Went grocery shopping and "stuck to the perimeter", a suggested healthy grocery buying strategy. Don't want to cut back on my complex carbs, so all my excess fats and overly processed foods, you know, anything "white" or that comes out of a box, is consigned to the scrapheap of history.

I reviewed my training log last night and had a long conversation with Anthony, who leads the marathon clinic. I am pretty certain now that I am going to go out with the 3:30 pace group in Vancouver and see how long I can hold the pace at my current weight, which I now see as my main limiting factor.

Diet and discilpine is my new motto... "DIET AND DISCIPLINE!"


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