Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hills at Half Speed

Went back and added a number of links to my last Blog, Supplementing Your Recovery, because I was inundated with requests for more information. I believe that this sudden interest in supplements stems from a couple of different factors.

The first is that members of the marathon clinic, particularly the first timers, are beginning to feel the cumulative effects of the training to date and the added stress of the increasing mileage. Legs are getting stronger but are taking a pounding, immune systems are getting overloaded and people are just feeling plain old fatigue. People who never get colds are developing sniffles. People who have sprung out of bed their whole lives are finding it difficult to throw off the covers. "I just need another twenty minutes!" All the talk we do about recovery in the clinic is starting to take on a whole new relevance for people, "Oh, that information might apply even to me!" And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the training schedule for the next month and figure out that the mileage is going to be pretty high!

The second factor and one that I am prone to myself at this stage, is the dawning realization that the actual date of the marathon is getting closer and closer with every passing day and every mile run. People are getting anxious and are looking for every angle to ensure that they run as good a race as they are capable of running. Who among us doesn't get the urge to hedge our bets? So if you think taking a few supplements will help, or make your legs feel better or recover from the hills a little quicker, so much the better.

During the hill training work out last night, in prepartion for my MAX VO2 on Friday, I redlined myself on the heart rate monitor at 150. As soon as I hit 150 on the hill, I pulled the plug on the throttle. It was a very interesting exercise. I would continue on up the hill, but not allow myself to go beyond 150. On the last few hills, I stopped accelerating as soon as I saw 150, and then watched as my heart rate climbed for a few seconds before taining off. I was going out at full throttle and even when I started to ease off my heart rate would continue to climb before tailing off. Would love to have seen a print out. Can hardly wait for my Polar S625X to arrive!


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